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2 very important certifcations!  Comfort in knowing you are getting the best products isn’t enough.  If they are not installed properly ALL manufacturer warranties are VOID!  We go to great lengths to ensure BOTH.  Our Crews are always supervised by a Certified Siding Installer to ensure the best protection possible for you.

The only Insulated Siding System designed and engineered to  help control the moisture that can harm your home.  Our exclusive channeling system ensures all wind driven rain that gets behind your siding . . .

        GETS OUT!

“green for your for you”

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  1. R-Value of 4, which can increase your homes insulation value by at least 30%.

  2. Natural Look and feel of wood

  3. 300% more impact resistance than hollow back siding

  4. 240% more impact resistance than Fiber Cement Siding

  5. 17% better protection from air infiltration

  6. Reduce outside noise by 45%

  7. Available in 17 Designer colors

When it comes to siding go with the company that introduced the most technological advancement in Siding...Solid Core Siding Products.  Siding that not only makes your home look better but helps it perform better!  Look further to learn more about the SOLID CORE difference!

Since the beginning of foam backed siding products in 1990, there have been a lot of folks jumping on board. While that is good for the consumer, only one Company
has managed to continue to move forward and seperate itself from all others...

Only Crane Performance Siding uses and Extruded Foam System with an integrated moisture management system.  Water and rain will get behind all siding products, some more than others, but isn’t it comforting to know it won’t stay behind ours!  Making your home safer for your family. 

Solid Core siding also provides you with 53% straighter walls to ensure a lifetime of beauty and performance.  Backed by an industry Leading LIFETIME OF THE HOME warranty.  A No NONSENSE approach...if it is supposed to last a lifetime why limit it to one homeowner?  Ask your other companies if they will say that...  Warranted against day to day risks, like weed eaters, rocks from lawnmowers, and even golf balls for those who live on the course.


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